Wow ptr stuck on updating setup files

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Please, if you're going to use an unsupported platform to play Wo W, caveat emptor and be prepared to do a lot of your own legwork if things don't go well.

Just don't complain to Hortus in the Test Realm Forum, or to the Tech Support Forum, if/when things go wrong. Players can install UI mods for the PTR client much the same way that they would for the regular client, but with a few caveats: Courtesy of Anúbereth from Earthen Ring EU: The above procedure described by Valyria can be accomplished more easily if you have a command line and perl.

Make sure you are not playing Wo W when attempting to copy your character.

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That being said, the Estimated Queue Time is usually accurate, so simply be patient and wait until the character is copied.After that, you simply wait for it to finish the download, and play from there just by swtiching which account you are using.Updating the PTR is now done automatically by the launcher, you no longer even have to push a button, if you've installed the PTR before all updates will download and install for you when they are released.See Migrate WTF script for copying your WTF to the test realm installation.Getting stuck on the Updating Setup Files loading screen may indicate that the Blizzard Update Agent is having issues installing the game.

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