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If Sigma-Aldrich does not retest a lot in question, we recommend that customers evaluate the product to ensure that it still matches their needed specifications.

Recommended Re-test Dates on our labels and/or Certificates of Analysis are valid only if the product is stored under Sigma-Aldrich’s defined conditions, and the container has remained unopened with original tamper evident seal still intact.

IVD products that are expiration dated will have the expiration date found on the product labels.

When dating is indicated by month and year only and no specific date is otherwise stated on the label or elsewhere, the product is expected to meet specifications until the last day of the month.

We document the Quality Release Date, that is, the point in time when analytical data has been reviewed as confirming compliance with product description, specification and lot uniformity, for all products.

For those materials where shelf life information is a requirement, expiration and retest periods are available at the batch level.

Quickly find what expiration dates are about to be past due. Also get reminders and follow up alerts when an expiration item is about to expire.

All the people that you configured to receive reminders will also be notified via email or mobile alerts.

These products should be routinely inspected to ensure they perform as expected.The Recommended Retest Date for individual lots may be extended subject to quality review.If extended, a new Date Retested and Recommended Retest Date will be published on the Certificate of Analysis.Our guided setup walks you through the process of adding categories, contacts and employees.You can even import your contact or expiration date list via an excel spreadsheet or CSV file.

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