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There are women out there who are spending their time in shopping malls and having coffees with their friends all day long.

They just love going to the spa centers doing their manicures and pedicures.

It's a stupid, painful movie about the lengths to which a collection of losers (we're meant to think they're kinda geeky cool, but really they're far from it) will go in order to find love. Devon Sawa (aging badly) gets tongue-tied around the ladies.

Amanda Detmer has a reputation for being bitchy and accident-prone. Ultimately -- after a long setup that makes us think a sex comedy is in store for us -- Amanda and Devon hatch a plan to kidnap Andrew and the girl he's lusting after (Jamie-Lynn Di Scala), the idea being that she'll fall in love with him when he breaks them out of captivity.

Keegan plays his now-trademarked better-than-everyone jerk, and Detmer's oops-I-kicked-you-in-the-face schtick gets old, fast.

By the time the movie devolves into a police investigation into the kidnapping, you'll begin wondering if the movie will ever be over, and whether anyone involved in it will ever work again.

You would have a life-time partner for every adventure you decide to take.

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Shouldn't this really be National Lampoon's Extreme Dating?

Extreme girls are aware of themselves and the fact that they are into sports is something that makes them athletic and fit with the obsession.

Wouldn’t it be great to be married to a woman who can keep up with you?

There are no limits in the game of love, only the ones that you put on yourself.

European women who love exploring new things and who possess the natural beauty are full of understanding and adventure. There are so many outrageous places in this world that are just waiting for you to explore them.

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