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It had been roaming a neighbor's Orlando backyard for some time, eating ducks and causing concern in the community.

Unfortunately, the gator was killed following its capture.

And now the lava is threatening a nearby power plant while the volcano spews laze, a toxic mix of gases and glass.

NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports for TODAY from Hawaii.

Asteroid Bigger Than a Football Field Passes Earth An asteroid that could be longer than a football field is supposed to whiz by Earth very soon, but experts warn that we should keep cool. What Awaits Meghan Markle "It's gonna take Meghan a long time to get her head around that House of Windsor," says Bravo reality star Julie Montagu.

The big question now is will he or won’t he walk her down the aisle. Her earliest roles were on Canadian television in the 60s, before moving on to feature films like ‘Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx’ with Gene Wilder and ‘Gaily Gaily’ with Beau Bridges.

Superman's Margot Kidder Dies at 69 Margot Kidder, best known for her portrayal of Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane opposite Christopher Reeve’s Clark Kent in 1978’s ‘Superman,’ has died. Kidder died at her Montana home on Sunday, TMZ reported. Hollywood Women Make Huge Statement at Cannes Eighty two female filmmakers took to the steps of the Palais des Festival at Cannes Film Festival, the number of which represent the female filmmakers who have been invited to compete at the festival in its seven decade history.

Rose Mc Gowan: I Don’t Want to Forgive Weinstein On the morning of Harvey Weinstein’s arrest, actress Rose Mc Gowan tells Megyn Kelly TODAY that there is room for “proportionality” in the Me Too movement: Ben Affleck, for example, “may just be a schmuck,” she says. Korea Says Cancellation Was Unexpected The highly anticipated, potentially historic U.

She adds that there are many other people she has to forgive before she can forgive Weinstein: “The man who pinned me down has handcuffs on today.” Morgan Freeman Accused of Sexual Misconduct As Harvey Weinstein surrenders to authorities in New York, another member of the Hollywood elite is being accused of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment: Oscar winner Morgan Freeman. S./North Korea summit is off and Kim Jong Un’s regime says the news was unexpected. Explosion Rips Through Toronto Restaurant A powerful explosion ripped through a crowded restaurant near Toronto, Canada, injuring more than a dozen people. NBC justice correspondent Pete Williams reports for TODAY. Korea Summit President Trump announced he cancelled an upcoming summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on May 24.

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