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She knew he was well toned because she had been to the gym with him. We will make passionate love and tease your husband at the same time.” She blushed, knowing that this time, she would be willing to do it. I’ll go home tonight, give my husband a romantic dinner. Ill proposition myself to him, if he denies me, I’m all yours. She went home and cooked my husband his favourite meal, steak and chips.

He seemed satisfied and thanked me for the wonderful meal.

He was too busy trying to make sure his body looked good, and what for? Adele went to work in an upset mood, she really couldn’t be bothered. He was one of her best friends and had known each other for many years.

She walked into her office, sitting behind her desk, moping. A really handsome man walked in sitting on the edge of her desk. She looked at his handsome face, seeing the similarities between him and her husband, she knew why she liked him.

He had similar features, the way his bone structure was.

He too had dark hair with dark eyes, but, unlike her husband, he was clean shaven and well groomed. ” “Deal.” --------- The day went by slowly and finally it ended.

She let a scream of frustration as she climbed out of bed.

It was sheer with black lace polka dots on it, leaving very little to the imagination. “I want you.” He went up to the bedroom and smiled when he saw her.

She edged her way forward so she was practically lying on top of him, her face mere inches from his.

Brian climbed on the bed behind her, slipping into her tight hold from behind.

His cock was long and thick, just what she had been craving for a while.

She slowly sucked him, taking him as deep as she could down her throat.

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