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The Roller Glider is a world first attraction, a mix of zip line and coaster.Instead of zipping down a cable thetrolley runs along a pipe allowing the closed loop course to take curves.Low Ropes is a scaled down version of the Sky Trail, they are designed specifically for younger park visitors.The continuous belay system allow kids to navigate the 7 element course without need to detach from the safety equipments.She’s a KGC10, so not a proper 2000GT-R but a replica instead, having began life as a 120ps 2000GT in 1971. Well there’s a lot of work to do before she’s ready for registration and can hit the road.But I hope you guys will enjoy this latest facet of Grand JDM, I’ll keep an ongoing diary of what’s happening with the car, as its maintained, restored and upgraded, and the long term goals are that the motor will be beefed up for more power, and the brakes and suspension will be uprated for track events and maybe even a tarmac rally or two.I’ll document the highs and the lows (well hopefully there won’t be too many of those! Over the next few weeks, we’ll have more articles to tell the story of how this old lady ended up in Sydney, and we’ll also do some articles on hints, advice and pitfalls on how to charm a piece of JDM history into your own garage.And I’ll tell you a little bit more about the car itself soon, too.

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And I suppose the best place to start is at the beginning.

You will be given a pair of District 21 socks and glove to protect yourself during the adventure.

The 11 attractions available in District 21 @ IOI City Mall range from established products such as the High Ropes course, interactive climbing (Power Station), Launch Pad (Trampoline), Tubby Ride, Free Fall, to unique bespoke attractions like the Floating Maze, Pump track, Go Pedal and the world’s first – The Roller Glider.

The walls of the lobby are graffiti bombed provided a stark contrast to the clean new finishings of the mall concourse.

The resulting look gives the impression of a once abandoned building that’s been left in a ruin.

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